Sharing Kindness, Changing Lives

Ways to Amaze is an Australian social enterprise dedicated to sharing stories of kindness, whilst helping charities receive awareness and donations.

With thousands of deserving Australian charities losing opportunities to raise money since COVID-19 began, Ways to Amaze and their incredible partners have the ability to supercharge each charities’ endeavours, whilst inspiring the wonderful act of kindness along the way. With the COVID-19 crisis currently underway around the world, what better time to reignite this “feel good” social enterprise which has been on hold since 2014.

Every story shared will contribute to a target number of stories for the month, and the higher the number of stories received, the more money that will be donated to the two featured charities of the month.

It really is that simple, share a kindness story, and charities will receive donations.

Will be launching very soon. To find out more information, please email