The WTA Story


How the idea originated

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and dread going into work? It was my second year in this particular job, and for some reason I still found myself smiling through the boredom, waiting for something to change, or waiting for someone to tell me that my new, fun, liberating career would be waiting around the corner.

To brighten up my days and counteract the office bullies, I would try and think of nice things to do for my fellow staff, whether it was leaving notes on their desk telling them how beautiful they looked, a random hug, or a surprise lunch or cake. It was these small acts of kindness that made a difference to my day. I loved the look on their face and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you feel great.

So that’s where the sharing kindness idea began!

Turning kindness into support for charities

I wanted to find a way to inspire others into carrying out random or planned acts of kindness, and to share their stories in the hope it would create a ripple effect.

I had always wanted to support deserving charities. I’d been involved in volunteering and wanted to create a way that I could personally make a big impact; so I decided that a great incentive for people to share their kindness stories would be to donate to charity every time a story was shared on the Ways to Amaze website. So I set to it and began to make this happen. I truly believe that inspiring kindness can now change lives too.

How we’ve grown

We have now started a partnership programme with like-minded businesses that sponsor the Ways to Amaze scheme. Their sponsorship enables us to make these much needed donations to charity.

We have been successful in bringing together communities, businesses, and charities, to all benefit from the amazing act of kindness, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future for Ways to Amaze and the wider community we benefit.

I would love it you could get involved by sharing your story, by becoming one of our amazing partners or by nominating a deserving charity. Together we can capture the abundance and essence of kindness to make a positive and lasting difference to the world.

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