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Contributed by: Adelle from Australia
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I was constantly noticing how negative social media was becoming, young people are increasingly being social media bullied by strangers and people they know and see every day. My nieces have been the victim of a number of occasions!

Even celebrities were copping it on instagram and twitter, more recently Big Brother stars…I too was on the back end of some really nasty comments. The thing is, we are ALL human and words hurt.

So I decided to start the #prettylittlepackage campaign, it’s a positive insight into social media! You register with my blog, you’re given a random name and address, you send a #prettylittlepackage (whatever you like!) to your name and in the mean time you receive one too!

The beauty is…these packages end up on social media, pushing a creative positive energy towards all of us. We start small with just 40 registrations and now this round we have over 70…only a small amount in retrospect BUT every little positive comment and gift helps to make someones day.

I have had great feedback, one girl lost her mum recently and when she received her package it reminded her of the great times with her Mum, coincidentally she received a package from MY Mum who fully supports all campaigns I run, and she sent this girl a home made apron and a long letter telling her why she deserved the time and effort that went into it.

I could have told you about plenty of other times where I paid for someones parking ticket, gave food to the homeless, sheltered a foster dog, volunteered at the RSPCA – but these things I do as second nature! Good deeds should be instilled into our blood at a young age.

I just wanted to share that EVERYBODY needs a bit of love here and there – who knows, a #prettylittlepackage may one day give someone the contact that they need that day. I have heard that sometimes the simple contact can prevent people from considering suicide.

I hope that #prettylittlepackage can be pushed in a positive attitude towards others because I believe everybody deserves human contact every single day,

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Thank you – Adelle xx