An exciting change to Ways to Amaze and thank you.

June 1, 2013 by  
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Since I started Ways to Amaze on 1 July last year, I haven’t marketed or paid for any advertising for the website as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give the website the time it deserves and I wouldn’t be able to afford large donations to charities, due to going on maternity leave in October with my first child. As we are now in June 2013, sadly (for now) this will be the last month that I contribute my own funds to the charities. As a stay at home mum with no income, my savings have been dwindling and my intention was always to encourage and inspire businesses to make the donations to deserving small to medium charities through the Ways to Amaze website.

So a year will have gone by and from 1 July, I am thrilled to bring on our first corporate partner to make the donations. I won’t reveal who they are just yet but with similar values to Ways to Amaze and being a well known Aussie brand, I am very excited about our new partnership and the added value they can bring to the featured charities.

Coincidentally it will also be the time to break open the champagne, pop the party poppers and take off the website’s training wheels, for an official launch of the website so watch this space on how you can help and be a part of our journey to a happier world.

Of course, we wouldn’t exist and no donations can me made without the support and the sharing of kindness stories from you, our community, so a big thank you to all those who have shared kindness stories so far and please keep ’em comingĀ here.