Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

A very special and brave little girl by the name of Ruby inspired our next featured charity – Cure Brain Cancer Foundation which is the largest dedicated fundraiser for brain cancer research in Australia.

Around 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia annually and approximately 1200 die from the disease every year. Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia yet very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it. The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the development of new treatments to increase 5 year survival to 50% within ten years.

A renowned and high profile Dr by the name of Dr Charlie Teo set up the Foundation in 2001 and the charity has gone from strength to strength raising millions to help find a cure for this deadly disease.

If you would like to find out more about this phenomenal charity, please visit their website or Facebook  page.

We are increasing the normal $1 per kindness story to $2 per story shared for this charity so please share a kindness act you have witnessed, a kind act that has been done to you (you lucky thing) or a kindness act that you have done (you wonderful thing you 🙂

The very special girl also inspired our first “Amazing Kids with Kindness” initiative and you can read more about this here shortly.