The Esther Foundation

We are delighted to support a special women’s charity this month called The Esther Foundation founded by an amazing woman Patricia Lavater.

The Esther Foundation facilitates an extensive and award winning residential young women’s health, development and leadership program through ten residential premises, housing more than forty five women and their children.

Their program is full-time and offers intensive support and assistance to young women in a safe and structured environment.

The broadly structured program facilitates specific group and individual counselling for many issues and concerns faced by many young women including, domestic violence, mental health, eating disorders, family breakdown and depression.

Their program offers so many amazing support mechanisms including extensive life skills training, independent living classes like budgeting, cooking, cleaning, a range of therapy treatments and many more, all run from a safe and structured residential environment.

Imagine if these women were shown more kindness throughout their lives, they may not be a need for the these programs. Let’s show them that kindness does exist and share your kindness stories today. Every story is worth a donation to The Esther Foundation.

Please find out more about this extraordinary charity here and head on over to Like their Facebook page. They really do deserve all our help for the month of June.