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A few months ago I decided that for various reasons I would take a break from Ways to Amaze from 1st July. When I told my husband of my decision he was very relieved, as this passion of mine to help others and spread kindness was consuming my life, which left no time to be the best wife and mother I could be.

A couple of weeks later a dear friend bought me a psychic reading and although I’ve always been a sceptic, I was excited to see what she had to say. With regards to Ways to Amaze, she was very forthright and said it’s something I must continue with and spend my energy on.

I was convinced then that this is what I should do, forgetting about the reasons why I decided to take a break in the first place. The first thing I did was book a night away as I needed to spend time on brainstorming a new sponsorship proposal and it was hard to concentrate on anything at home in the evenings, which is when I did most of my work.

Then for the next 6 weeks I researched and put together 7 personalised, sponsorship proposals. When I finally got around to sending a few of the proposals out the other day I was so relieved, I took a week’s break for the first time in 2 years.

I got to spend time with my husband this past week and amongst many other things, I made proper meals instead of leaving it to the sushi bar, or the toaster to feed my family. I realised that this is the precious time I had missed out on for years.

Yesterday was when the penny finally dropped. I had a mini break-down, my 19 month old son who is currently sick with his fifth ailment in two months had one too and clawed his own face in distress, making his face bleed. I was too exhausted to do what a mother should do and give my son attention, instead having the TV on expecting us to just relax and watch it. I was exhausted, working a part time job, then another 20 hours on WTA, whilst trying to raise a child mainly on my own whilst my husband works six long days so we have enough money to afford the rent and childcare. Like many ex-pats we don’t have any family here so neither of us get a break. How many of us families are in the same situation and how many of us give to others before we give to ourselves.

So with all that in mind, today I announce with a heavy and sad heart I’m going to be kinder to myself and my family and I’m taking a break from Ways to Amaze.

I can’t tell you how long this break will last but be rest assured it can only be a positive thing for WTA in the end, with a refreshed and happier person to drive it forward.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and shared their stories of kindness. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ways to Amaze but for now, I will spend quality time with my family, find my happy self again, learn how to cook better ;), reconnect with friends, give social media a wide berth, enjoy what beautiful Sydney has to offer and save the money I give to charity to pay off the debt.

Please continue to be kind to one another but make sure the kindness first starts with yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully I have realised now before its too late.


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  1. Libby Hampson on Tue, 1st Jul 2014 11:36 am  

    Good on you Bec, you have to put your family first, whatever you are meant to do in life will come to you, we don’t need a psychic to tell us that, do we :-). xxx