Meet the Team

Rebecca Richardson

Founder and CKO: Chief Kindness Officer


15569_236075001390_669731390_4639443_6493967_n* I enjoy giving gifts, surprising people, and meeting inspirational people

* I aim to make my late father proud every day and change the world for the better

* I believe life is living & giving, sharing & caring and many smiles along the way

I crave my favourite chocolate Cherry Ripe all the time

*I live in Sunny Sydney with my Irish husband Trev and young son Reeve


Rebecca is an angel of kindness, passionately dedicated to spreading kindness to every living soul across the globe. She is so sweet and thoughtful with her approach that every encounter with her leaves you smiling and inspired. An advocate for random acts of kindness amongst friends and strangers, Rebecca continues to make an incredible difference to the lives of many and have a powerful impact amongst communities and various charitable causes.


Kim Reynolds

Design and Research Manager


Kim Reynolds

* I enjoy sharing ideas and being creative in any way I can

I aim to make a difference, to help where I can and continue to learn

* I believe kindness is something we can all afford to give freely

* I crave sultanas from the freezer….YUM!

* I live in Adelaide with my hubby, 3 boys and very a spoilt cat


Kim is one of those rare gems that is always thinking of others before herself and is one of the kindest and most generous people you will ever meet. Kim is a creative soul and research dynamo who volunteers her time between WTA and The Orange Pigeon – one of the charities she was introduced to when we featured their amazing work on WTA. With a wonderful sense of humour and a warm and loving heart, we are lucky to have her as part of our WTA family.