Mum’s Supporting Families in Need

We are thrilled to support a very special not for profit this month called Mum’s supporting Families in need, otherwise known as Mummies and Babes in Need.

Just like the name says, this amazing charity helps families that don’t have the finances to provide for the basic needs of their children with essential items donated by the community. But this charity didn’t start like that… When Jodie, the founder of this charity was receiving counselling for her post natal depression, she wanted to help mums in her group with one off donations. This sparked a whole community rallying behind her and the response was so overwhelming that she made it her mission to support as many families in need as possible, all whilst raising her own three children under five years old. Truly inspirational lady I think you will agree.

Their team is made up of at least 30 volunteers, mostly mums, who include 22 drop off points, a board and a fundraising team.

Here is the beautiful story in Jodie’s words:

“I am a mummy of 3 beautiful babes, dont have tons of money, but have enough to provide my children with their wants and basic needs. I have suffered from postnatal depression so because of this, I received some counselling to help me. Whilst I was there, I heard stories that really shocked me in respect to how lucky I am and how many others are so unfortunate. I was told a story of how a lady had twin girls, but only had 1 cot and couldn’t afford another cot. So the mother made her up a bed in the bottom drawer of her tallboy.

This and other reasons prompted me to donate some bags of clothes. I was told that some of the boys clothes that I donated went to a teenage mum who had nothing and was living in like a hostel environment. She couldn’t even afford to buy clothes at the op shop. So when she was offered to pick some clothes for her baby boy, she was so appreciative and even though the suit was nearly three times too big for him (I cant just picture, soo cute), she was so happy. So I thought well maybe I could shout out to all my friends and other mums to ask…. If we could get enough likers to become aware of my Facebook page, and donate one item each, we could provide clothing, toiletries, nappies, books, games and nursery items to help lots of families in need.”

We are sure you will love this charity as much as we do and we hope you will share your kindness stories so that Mums Supporting Families in Need will receive a donation for each and every one, plus $1,000 from our partner RedBalloon if we can reach our story target. If you would like to find out more and how you can donate, please head on over to their Facebook page. Thank you – here’s to the first day of Autumn.