Peter Couche Foundation

We are delighted to support the Peter Couche Foundation this month and help raise exposure of their Don’t Speak event held on Friday 7th June!

Peter Couche established the foundation after he suffered a stroke 20 years ago. Since his stroke, Peter has lived with “locked-in syndrome”. Peter’s brain is as sharp and active as ever, but he cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body.

Through the establishment of the Foundation, Peter aims to:

  1. Raise important funds needed to progress stem cell research for brain repair in stroke victims
  2. Dispel the myths surrounding stem cell therapy
  3. Show the hope that is being generated through innovative research on non-embryonic stem cells
  4. Raise awareness of stroke, particularly that useful life does not end because someone has suffered a stroke.

Did you know?

Stroke severely impacts the lives of most of Australians which highlights the necessity of this research and the Peter Couche Foundation.

  1. In Australia every 10 minutes someone has a stroke.
  2. Over 250,000 live with the aftermath of a stroke, making it the leading cause of disability in Australia.
  3. Stroke is Australia’s second single greatest killer after coronary heart disease, and kills more women than breast cancer.
  4. Strokes cost Australia an estimated $2.14 billion a year.

Stroke could happen to any of us. Peter Couche was a healthy, outgoing, 41year old businessman on a trip through Singapore when he suffered a stroke.

So how you can you help?

There is an event happening called Don’t Speak on Friday 7 June. For one hour people are encouraged not to speak. For more information about the event, please visit and help this charity raise these vital funds to help the many Australians who suffer a stroke.

I recently watched The Intouchables – and I was so inspired by this true life story, a quadriplegic man who hires a carer who brings life into his world. It is therefore timely to supporting another inspirational man this month.