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Frauds that enter your life

Contributed by: Chrisitne from Australia
Categories: Boyfriend, Partners & Friends

Mine is a two fold act of kindness firstly to me from my friends and I was able to pass it forward. A long story made short – I am a 50 something year old female thinking I have learnt most lessons that life can throw at me – I even finally found a partner…

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Share your life with a farmer…

Contributed by: Catherine from Australia
Categories: Neighbours and Community, Strangers

Seeding was taking longer than we ever imagined, when a friend told me about HelpX. Within a week or two, a Dutchman, Albert Kiep, was driving from Melboune to Newdegate in the Western Australian wheatbrelt to help us put our crop in. He is required to do four hours’ work for board and lodging, but…

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Offering a lift to strangers

Contributed by: Bec from Australia
Categories: Neighbours and Community, Strangers

I was parking up near my home at around 10.30 pm when I saw a group of people walking up the steep hill. I realised that the bus was no longer operating and thats why all these people including elderly couples were slowly making their way up. I decided to offer them a lift so I called out…

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Drops In The Ocean

Contributed by: Carlynn from Indonesia
Categories: Community, Neighbours and Community

Everyday we are surrounded by the beauty of our natural environments, our homes and the people in our lives. Some of us have Faith, some belong to one Religion or another and/or have our own set of spiritual beliefs, Many of us become a member of many different groups; for various needs and purposes over…

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Bogged Esther girl – Unbogged !

Contributed by: Paul from Australia
Categories: Neighbours, Neighbours and Community

Earlier this year an Esther resident became bogged in the sand in her car in front of the Esther HQ in S/perth. I was moved by compassion to try to help her get unbogged. After many failed attempts we were about to give up when who should come to our aid by 4 other Esther…

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